Autoflower Seeds

Auto-flower seeds flower in as little as 6 weeks making it ideal for our US SkunkX family wanting a fast turnaround. We have a range of hybrid, Indica and sativa seeds to cater to all tastes. At US SkunkX we have scouted for the best seeds in the market to deliver some awesome auto stains.

Feminised Seeds

Ice Kush

Ice Kush genetics are three-way mix of an Afghani Hash, a Dutch Skunk and Northern Lights. This means that the plants have a short flowering time, massive yield, and produce a high that’s both relaxing and cerebral.

Diesel Critical

Diesel Critical is a real hybrid. It comprises 40% sativa and 60% indica genes. It has also inherited its great resin production by White Widow and Sorbets. It's a compact plant with heavy yield


Skunk is the result of crossing Skunk #1 with a Sorbet member of Hash plant family. heavy yield and short period is expected on Skunk Plant.

LA Skunk XXX

LA Skunks XXX is proudly our finest germination from a cup winner family of Skunk. Large yield is expected in average harvest time


The generic origin of Gorilla is a mixture of Gorilla and Queen Mother. In 9 weeks it will produce a generous amount of flower with Relaxed and euphoric effect.

Gelato Cake

With a 9 weeks harvest period Gelato cake is one of the best US SkunkX strains. generic origin from Wedding Cake and Gelato with relaxed and euphoric effect.

About US SkunkX

In the bank of US SkunkX you will find a variety of superb quality Fem and Auto seed strains. You will find our strains have a high yield and high THC for smoking lovers. We locate and have some of the best seeds from the market.

Having started our journey in the San Fernando Valley, California we provide seeds to many across the globe. Our secret relationship with some of the top names in the industry provides us with the best product and knowledge that we share with our fellow SkunkX.

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