Auto-Flowering-Seeds fully grown in about 80 days from seed and no change of light cycle required to start flowering. the term auto-flower. Produces slightly smaller yields compared to Fem and Fast version but it’s definitely shorter to harvest and easier to grow. Auto-flowering-seeds have many different verities in the market but here in USSkunkX collection we have produced our best selection to meet our community expectation, High THC and short harvest period and flavour are our goal in auto-flowering-seeds selection.

More info to be found on Specification section on each product page. You can find general information such as hight, lifecycle, genetic background and recommended growing advice, to find more info, please contact

generally speaking, Autoflower seeds have about 80 to 110 days of life cycle from seed to harvest and this could potentially be an advantage for those who want to have quick turnover on the plant. Depends on the strain you choose, you’ll get different THC percentages and different Flavour.

In USSkunkX selection you will find top most favourite strains that have been around for decades but in an updated version and advanced edition. OG Kush, Sherbet, Fast Bud, Skunk and Amnesia are some of our selection for you to buy.