Diesel Critical

60% Indica
40% Sativa





The origins of the Diesel Critical strain go back to the legendary Chemdog, In 1991, Chemdog managed to get some weed for 500USD at a Music Concert and he was surprised by its taste and effect. Later on, he grew the same strain and up until this day, breeders are crossing the strain.

A Feminised strain of Diesel Critical is the result of crossing White Widow and NYC Diesel strains. As its name suggest, it is a super strong plant with a good production capacity. This real Hybrid plant comprises 40% Sativa and 60% Indica.

Unlike other diesel strains, Diesel Critical doesn’t kick immediately, It takes a few minutes to experience the first sense of a rush. First comes an uplifting, cerebral high, which after a while is accompanied by a very relaxing stone feeling.

It has a strong long lasting stoned effect making this plant ideal for smokers.


THC 23%

CBD >1%

40% Sativa and 60% Indica


Plant hight Outdoor   120 – 200 cm (Depends on the sun)

Plant Hight Indoor      60 – 80 cm

Yield Indoor 400 -450 gr/m2

Yield Outdoor   300- 400 gr/ Plant (Average) , 650 gr/ Plant Full capacity

Flowering time 8- 9 Weeks ( long summery days)

Genetic Background    White Widow and NYC Diesel

Effect   uplifting head buzz , Mellow body relaxation

Taste      lemon, grapefruit

Light    Germination, seeding stage and vegetative stage  18 Hours, Flowering stage 12 hours (Recommended)