Fast Bud Auto

15% THC


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Fast Bud Auto is the result of Northern Light genetic which is one of the best well-known cannabis strains in the world.

Northern Light was cultivated in the USA during the 70s, and made its way to Europe by the 80s. It is simply one of the best auto flower strains available to date. Right after its brief vegetative phase, this strain produces high yield amounts of flowers and finishes it’s entire life cycle in 9- 10 weeks from seeding.

Auto Fast Bud is simply the greatest update of Northern Light Automatic.

It is comprised of 80% Indica and 20% Rudelalis. For those who are not familiar with Rudelalis, it is a descendant of indica genetics that had adjusted itself to the harsh climates and the shorter growing seasons of the northern regions from where it originates. It is typically a short plant with big leaves that goes into flowering stage by 21 days from seed stage.

The new mix of Rudelalis and Northern light has made this iconic strain to be quick, fast growing and suits both indoor  and outdoor growers.

Identical to its original Northern light with a one major tweekment (Rudelalis), Auto Fast Bud has a Sweet taste, a comfortable physical affect which is accompanied by a cerebral stimulation. Since it has an Auto flowering twist, it makes a great strain for medical users too.


THC 15%

CBD   >1%

80% Indica and 20% Rudelalis

Autoflower Feminized

Plant hight Outdoor   130 – 160 cm

Plant Hight Indoor      80 – 120 cm

Yield Indoor 500 – 550 gr/m2

Yield Outdoor   180 -220 gr/ Plant

Flowering time 5 -7 weeks, (6 weeks average)

Genetic Background     Northern Light x Rudelalis

Effect    Cerebral and uplifting

Taste      Earthy, pine, Sweet

Light    Germination, seeding stage and vegetative stage  18 Hours, Flowering stage 12 hours (Recommended)