Ice Kush

24% THC
Indica 80%
Sativa 20%






Ice Kush is the result of crossing Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk, and Afghan Kush, creating a classic Indica. Its name derives from the huge amount of resin on its buds. Don’t be surprised by its citrus and peppery taste, that’s Afghan Kush effect.

A plant that is identical to the Christmas tree is another gift from USSkunkX to fellow growers. During flowering period you’ll see icy resin covering its buds.

Ice Kush is suitable for outdoor growers as well as having medium/ high performance indoor. It needs plenty of warmth and sunlight.

Ice Kush has a proven positive reaction towards training techniques like SCROG (Screen of Green) and SOG (Sea of Green).

It creates an insanely strong high with a long lasting effect on the mind and body, making this plant ideal for smokers.


THC 24%

CBD >1%

20% Sativa and 80% Indica


Plant hight Outdoor   150 – 200 cm (Depends on the sun)

Plant Hight Indoor      60 – 80 cm

Yield Indoor 400 -450 gr/m2

Yield Outdoor   300 -400 gr/ Plant (Average) 650 gr/ Plant (full capacity)

Flowering time 7- 8 Weeks

Genetic Background    Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk, and Afghan Kush

Effect    Immediate response, Clear high

Taste      Sweet, Peppery, Smokey

Light    Germination, seeding stage and vegetative stage  18 Hours, Flowering stage 12 hours (Recommended)