Super X Kush

24% THC
Indica Hybrid







A triangle crossing between Black Domina, Afghan Kush and Blue Monster, the Super X Kush is a a super strong plant by US SkunkX. An Indica dominant hybrid with a generous outdoor capacity of 800 gr/plant has made this specific strain, one of the most favourite among our outdoor growers.

The plant will grow like a typical original Kush plant and can reach up to 200 cm height.

This strain is valuable for both medical and recreational use, with a sweet berry flavour and sugary coating of crystal buds. A great indica relaxing effect is suitable for meditation and relaxation.

A dream come true for growers due to its incredibly high yield and quick finish. The plant is also Pest Resistance.


THC 23% – 24%

CBD >1%

Indica Hybrid


Plant hight Outdoor   180 – 200 cm

Plant Hight Indoor      60 – 100 cm

Yield Indoor 500 -600 gr/m2

Yield Outdoor   600- 800 gr/ Plant  Full capacity (16 hours light)

Flowering time 8- 11 Weeks ( long summery days)

Genetic Background    Black Domina x Afghan x Blue Monster

Effect     relaxation

Taste     Sweet and Fruity flavour

Light    Germination, seeding stage and vegetative stage  16 to 18 Hours, Flowering stage 12 hours (Recommended)